Stop Torturing Yourself.


Put Down The Facebook Ads.


You run Facebook ads because you’re a smart and savvy business owner.


But you don’t like doing them.


In fact, you hate running Facebook ads.


You’d rather die an overly dramatic death than have to tediously tweak your current ones


And because of that you’re not getting the best rates in the business.


You Want To Click Your Fingers And Your Ads Be Done For You.


Go On, Click Your Fingers. I Dare You.


I’ll be the boss of your Facebook Ads.


I’ll manage your Facebook Ads Campaigns for the next 3 months.


I’ll tweak and test and come up with the best Facebook ads you’ll ever get.


The result?


// Getting the best rates for your Facebook ad without you lifting a finger.


// Growing your community of prospects without you lifting a finger.


// Making more money without you lifting a finger.


Get back to spending your time doing the things that you actually love doing in your business.


Things like:


// Getting on the phone with clients and helping them transform.


// Being interviewed by your favourite news sites.


// Dominating your industry and being seen, respected and paid as the expert.


// Gossiping with your business bestie.


// Writing blog posts and books.


// And how about finish work at 3pm daily?

Get Ready For RAPID Results

Pixel, What?




Never Look At Facebook Ad Ever Again.


As Your Facebook Ads Boss:


// I’ll set up the whole damn thing. The whole campaign. Every part of it. Done. For. You.


All you have to do is open the weekly reports I’ll send that break down your daily activities.


Full disclosure: you don’t even have to read the reports if you don’t want to!


// I’ll be tweaking and testing and troubleshooting behind the scenes for you to ensure that your daily Facebook ads are dominating.


// I’ll be ready to drink with you when you let me know how your ads are helping you consistency close on the hottest leads you’ve had in forever.

Drink Your After Work Wine Knowing Your Facebook Ads Are In The Geekiest (Read: Safest) Hands.


Hey, I’m Ash and I’m a Facebook Ads Expert, and your Facebook Ads Boss.


I’ll sit at my computer and be the boss of your Facebook ads, micromanaging them,  tweaking them, strategising about how I’m going to get the best rates, and then I’ll spend hours actually doing the work.


And after all the work, I get the best damn rates in the business.


Let me be the one to grow your list, and make you more money while you get to do the things you love about being a business owner instead of doing the things you hate.

I will be the Boss of:


// Your list growth


// Your launch plans


// Your sales funnels


// Anything that you need to get in front of your audience, I will get you front and centre.


The cost?

$950 AUD per month for 3 months