If Facebook Isn’t Making You Money,

You’re Using It Wrong.


Let’s break down your current situation.

In order to get more clients, you need to grow your list.

In order to grow your list, you need to get in front of your clients.

In order to get in front of your clients, you need to go where your clients are.

No, sticking your head out of your office window and screaming JAAANNEEE WHERE ARE YOU? isn’t going to work, even if Jane is the name of your ideal client.

Let’s jump to another story.

Jane’s on lunch break. She’s scrolling through Facebook looking for something to entertain her while she waits for her chicken wrap and coffee to go.

This isn’t the only time Jane’s going to be on Facebook today. She’s already been on like 5 times since she work up to her alarm and immediately opened Facebook.

And this won’t be the last time Jane’ll be on it today.

She’ll be on it while she’s eating, she’ll jump back on it on her next break, hell she’ll probably jump on it while she’s on the toilet, too. Gross, but true.

She’ll be on Facebook on the ride home from work, and she’ll mindlessly scroll through it while half heartedly watching tv until she goes to bed after scrolling some more.

This is a normal day in the life of Jane.

Let’s connect these two stories.


You want to work with Jane.

You need Jane to know you exist so she’ll work with you.

Jane is on Facebook. All.The.Time.

You need to get your business onto Jane’s Facebook.


With 1.7 Billion Active Users A Month,

Your Clients Are On Facebook,

Multiple Times A Day.

Here’s another story.

You’ve got a really cool free gift that you give your community for signing up to your newsletter.

You have an ad that targets Jane.

Your ad shows up in Jane’s newsfeed while she’s eating her wrap and drinking her coffee.

You get her attention.

She clicks onto your free gift and signs up.

Jane is now on your list.

Jane receives a few welcome emails from you.

Jane loves everything about you because she’s your ideal client.

Jane sends you an email a week after getting your free gift saying she wants to work with you.

And that’s how it done.

Want More Clients?

Grow Your List With Facebook Ads.


And before you tell me how Facebook ads just don’t work for you, listen up:

If you haven’t got a return on investment from your ads, you’re doing it wrong.


If You’ve Given Up On Facebook Ads, You’re Doing Business Wrong.

Hey, I’m Ash! I’m a Facebook Ads Expert,

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I help my clients find warm leads and turn them into clients, consistently.

All by using targeted Facebook ads.

I’m here to turn you into your very own Facebook expert.

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Facebook Ads Are Hands Down The Fastest Way To Grow Your List.


Which Means Facebook Ads Are The Fastest Way To Get Clients.


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It’s Time You Worked With A Facebook Ads Specialist And Get Your Facebook Ads Working.