Hey! I’m Ash,

And I’m not normal. As in, I love geeking out over Facebook ads by the minute.

You don’t believe me, right? Because who does? But it’s true.

collage1I’ll sit at the computer and check on ads, tweak them, strategise about how I’m going to get the best rates for the campaign, and then I’ll spend hours actually doing it.

Here’s the kicker, after all that work, I get the best damn rates in the business.

If I could marry Facebook ads I would, but I’m already married so instead, I dream about Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are hands down the fastest way to grow your list.

Which means Facebook ads are the fastest way to get clients.

Which means Facebook ads pay for themselves as you continually bring in the cash.

I get it though. It almost feels like I’m performing a smoke and mirrors magic show for you.

Facebook hasn’t been your friend in the past.

You’ve thrown money down the drain trying to make it work. It never worked.  


Let me tell you why.

The reason Facebook ads have sucked for you in the past is because you haven’t worked with someone who spends her days strategising with Facebook, who’s learnt all there is to know about Facebook ads since the dawn of time, and who continues to learn about Facebook ads every freaking day of her life, for the rest of her life.

Obsessed much? Yes. Yes I am.

Call me the Facebook Advertising Professor because I’m a freaking expert when it comes to running ads that convert with the best rates in the business.

And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to stop wasting your money making mistakes and hand your Facebook advertising over to the professional (that’s me).

 Because contrary to popular belief, Facebook advertising isn’t an expense,
it’s a return on investment.

Step right this way to see my Facebook Strategy Services.